About Studio 3pNOW

Anything worth doing in our lives requires many contributing factors for it to be successful. However, there are three from the lot – the 3“P”s – which plays important roles. PASSION – PLAN – PERSISTENCE

PASSION – Intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or call it a strong desire for someone or something, Passion is what decides how far you go and how much you achieve in your life. Compromises melt away in the fire of Passion. It breaks all boundaries, limitations, traditions to reshape and manifest things. ‘Good enough’ is just not good enough when you undertake something with lot of Passion. Sometimes, it’s a feeling deep within. The world probably won’t get it but you will know it.

PLAN – Passion should be complimented with a list of actions with timing and resources – Plan. Be it in diplomacy, building a space shuttle, constructing a palace, operating a vital organ, winning a game, deciding on a career, a well laid PLAN is a must towards an objective. Clearer the Plan, easier would be the task to accomplish the objective.

PERSISTENCE – Passion demands a flawless Plan and then it allows you to continue trying and doing things even though it may appear difficult or opposed by others and that effort, that’s Persistence.

It is meant for the brave to embrace and acknowledge it. These 3 factors combined together becomes an indomitable force when it is implemented in the current moment. You need to have the Passion, NOW. You need to have the Plan, NOW. You need to Persist, NOW.